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17.07.2015 - What are dog diapers for male dogs?

Dog diapers for male Poodle

NEW Theme: Male dog diapers

We are often asked why piccobello produce special male dog diapers and what makes the difference to female dog diapers.
Here, we gathered all necessary information about piccobello's male dog diapers and we explain the difference to current dog diapers.

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25.01.2015 - NEWS: About female dogs in heat

Dog diapers for female in heat / season

NEWS: Female dogs in heat or season

Springtime will arrive soon, and it will be the period of female dogs in heat or season. In the following you will find some detailed information about dogs in heat or “season”. What you can expect when your dog goes in heat and how you use piccobello dog diapers for your female in heat.

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09.08.2013 - Marieles dinner on Youtube

For all friends of humor and dogs: Marieles dinner, a sketch by Mariele and Anne on Youtube.
Have a good time!

Video Marieles dinner on Youtube