The dog diapers for female dogs are a perfect solution for all female dogs being incontinent or in heat or season

Female dog diapers help in a gentle and easy way when female dogs are incontinent or in heat or season. The most important thing, however, is that the female dog diapers do really fit as the exit of the urethra is located just underneath the tail and anus. When laying down your dog bends down her pelvis and her back gets longer than in neutral position. So, her dog diaper needs to be flexible for not constricting her – or it may get out of place. A standard dog diaper does not meet this requirement – it is not flexible enough for the doggy hip flection and is thus rejected by some females.

Therefore, your female doggy friend needs a flexible dog diaper allowing all movements of the hip when laying down, standing, sitting or walking. So, we have developed the piccobello dog diapers just for her: they are made of soft and flexible viscose jersey providing perfect fit while allowing her all kinds of hip flexions. These are just two of the reasons why our female dog diapers are generally accepted by most of the females. Additionally, the piccobello female dog diapers have tightly stitched double fleeced inlays immediately absorbing liquids due to their perfect fit. As our diapers do only cover that part of the body where liquids need to be absorbed they are barely visible. So, our piccobello female dog diapers are the perfect solution for a female dog in heat or season.

By using two straps and fixing them on your dog’s belly you can easily put on the piccobello female dog diapers and fit them to your female’s needs. Both straps provide a flexible AND perfect fit. Thus, your female dog wears flexible, soft and comfortable dog diapers fulfilling all her daily needs.

The cause of incontinence and the amount of urine of females being incontinent can vary, as well as the strength of discharge of females being in heat or season. You can use the piccobello dog diapers with or without additional pads and you as well as your doggy friend will easily cope with all different “liquid situations”.

The piccobello dog diapers are available in two sizes: S/M for female dogs ranging from 7 to 20kg (15-44lbs); L/XL for female dogs ranging from 20 to 45kg (44-99lbs).

For female dogs below 7kg (15lbs) and over 45kg (99lbs) we custom design for no extra charge in XS or XXL. For female dogs that are in between two sizes we can also customize an intermediate size. You will find more detailed information about this here.

Here you will find the female dog diapers.

Small female dog diaper shown by female Dachshound Lotte
Dachshund Lotte wears the piccobello
dog diaper for small female dogs
Large female dog diaper shown by female Ridgeback Sally
Ridgeback Sally wears the piccobello
dog diaper for large female dogs