What must the right dog diapers be like for my dog?

There are different types of dog diapers on the market, which differ fundamentally from each other. By focusing the most important features we explain which solutions have been implemented in the piccobello dog diapers and why.

Disposable diapers or washable dog diapers?

Disposable dog diapers are cut and constructed like disposable baby diapers. For sealing, the edges of the dog diapers are gathered with rubber. The diapers are fastened in the waist with adhesive strips. Before buying the waist circumference and size of the dog must be determined exactly, because waist, leg cutout and total length must fit exactly. Otherwise the edges might cut in or leak pour out laterally. Disposable dog diapers can absorb a large amount of fluid if they fit optimally. However, many dogs do not accept them very much. One reason for this is that the dog diapers often do not fit the dog properly and the rubber cuffs cut in. Furthermore, the diapers rustle when worn which disturbs the sensitive dogs.
Disposable diapers are not breathable.
After a single use the entire diaper must be disposed of.

Washable dog diapers are reusable and sustainable. They can be used for many years and are therefore cheaper.There are different types, with and without integrated fleece inlay, made of soft or solid materials, waterproof or breathable. Washable diapers should be washable at 60°C for hygiene and health reasons.

The piccobello dog diapers are washable at 60°C and have an integrated fleece inlay. They are soft and do exactly fit on the dog's body. They do not have narrow edges.
The piccobello dog diapers are very variable in relation to the body mass of the dog so they are suitable for all dog breeds, body shapes and sizes.
You can easily control the liquid absorption of the piccobello diapers by using additional inserts. Thanks to the modular system, piccobello dog diapers cover various needs – from heat to severe incontinence.
With their discreet colour the piccobello dog diapers are visually inconspicuous.

Washable piccobello dog diapers
without velcro or adhesive fasteners
no tight edges
suitable for all sizes and shapes
pleasant colour
soft and elastic
must be washed

Disposable dog diapers
much fluid
a lot of garbage
often do not fit
little tolerance
tight waistbands
only in white

Universal dog diapers or models for males and females?

The idea of universal dog diapers for both sexes sounds impressively simple. If you look at the anatomy of male and female dogs, you can see it immediately: The vagina of the bitch is below the anus. The end of the urethra of the male is in front of the hind legs under the belly – at a completely different part of the dog's body! Standard universal diapers for dogs cover the back and bottom as well as the belly of the dog. So large parts of the dog's body are covered that do never have contact with urine: In the bitch, this is the back, the flanks and the belly area. In the male this is the back, flanks and flank area as well as around and below the tail. In males, the penis is often not covered with these diapers at all or slips out.
So, you should always use a special male diaper for your male dog!

Piccobello dog diapers are adapted to the anatomical differences between male and female dogs. Different models are specially designed for males or bitches and absorb urine exactly where it exits: The dog diapers for bitches cover the area below the tail, the dog diapers the lower abdomen.
Due to the special cut the piccobello dog diapers are visually inconspicuous

piccobello dog diapers for bitches and males
absorb liquids where they exit and their cut is precisely adjusted
reliably cover the genitals
only cover necessary parts of the dog’s body
discreet in appearance

Universal dog diapers
are NOT adapted to the anatomical differences between male and female dogs
in males penis slips out
large parts of the dog’s body are unnecessarily covered

Waterproof or breathable dog diapers?

At first glance, waterproof dog diapers seem to be a practical solution. The urine is no longer visible and so the problem seems to be gone. But urine in an airtight environment on your dog's body poses a high risk of infection. The exclusion of air, the humidity and the developing heat create an ideal environment for bacterial growth, which can lead to cystitis. Skin rashes, eczema and sores can also be caused by a humid, warm environment. In our opinion, waterproof dog diapers are unsuitable for long-term use as well as for sensitive or sick dogs.

Breathable dog diapers absorb the liquid and store it in an absorbent body. They exchange air with their surroundings. The moisture can slowly diffuse outwards and dry the skin under the diaper. Due to the exchange of air, the temperature on the dog's skin under the diaper remains almost constant. The risk of a urinary tract infection is minimized.

Piccobello dog diapers are breathable and cover needs from heat to severe incontinence with a variety of additional pads. The fabric of the pouch inside facing the dog's body dries really quickly.

For those who cannot or do not want to do without a waterproof solution, for example at night and with very severe incontinence, we recommend the use of a highly absorbent waterproof pad such as the piccobello incontinence pad. As your dog is just lying on it and his or her skin then still with air contact there is no risk of infection.

Breathable piccobello dog diapers
prevents infections
protects the skin
control the absorbent capacity
visual check
Humidity can become visible outside

Waterproof dog diapers
incontinence is "invisible"
does not breathe
humid environment
produces warmth and skin irritations
create an ideal environment for bacterial growth

Against or with the dog's will?
Together to the goal!

Customers keep asking us if the dog can't take off his diaper. The answer is: Yes, he could! Dogs have very strong teeth that can exert several tons of pressure. They are able to reach almost any part of their body with their mouth and are very skilled with their teeth. Anyone who has ever observed a dog sorting out unpleasant food components during feeding knows how clever they are! From our point of view, it therefore makes little sense to produce diapers dogs don’t like.

Rather, dog diapers should be comfortable for the dog to wear, so that he or she doesn't even try to take them off. So, we have developed and optimized the piccobello dog diapers according to this approach. Many times, customers have been surprised that their "willful patient", who hasn't kept any of the many tried and tested dog diapers on, has been wearing the piccobello dog diapers without any problems.

Your doggy friend should feel comfortable in his or her diaper, so that the situation is relaxing for him or her as well as for you as the dog owner. As soon as you and your dog work together you are able to permanently deal with his or her incontinence – together you are strong.

piccobello dog diapers on Sonja, the female Podengo-Mix