Questions about dog diapers for heat/season

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1. Are the piccobello diapers also adecuate for female dogs in heat?

Yes, the female piccobello dog diapers serve very well as dog in heat pants.

2. What is the difference between piccobello dog diapers an customary season pants?

Our dog diapers are made for the dog´s needs. That´s why we avoid

  • stiff and rubbing materials
  • distracting plastic or metal buckles and snaps
  • constricting cuffs or rigid bands
  • Velcro fasteners

Piccobello dog diapers are made out of soft and supple viscose jersey and are therefore accepted also by sensible dogs.

3. What size of piccobello dog diapers does my dog need?

You determine the right size of the piccobello dog diaper by the weight and abdominal circumference of your dog.

Diaper Dog´s weight Waist circumference
Small diaper for female dogs 7kg - 20kg (15-44lbs) up to 50cm (20in)
Large diaper for female dogs 20kg - 45kg (44-99lbs) 50cm - 70cm (20in - 27in)

If your dog is in between two sizes and you can't find a comparable picture in our gallery. Please decide on the size of her pelvis: If your dog's pelvis is rather narrow relative to her weight you can take the smaller size. If the pelvis is rather wide the larger size is appropriate.
Optionally, you can order a custom-made intermediate size.
If you're not sure just order both sizes and send us back the one that doesn't fit or change it for the right size.

For smaller or lighter dogs as well as for larger or heavier dogs we manufacture to the measurement without extra-charge.

4. How to wash piccobello dog diapers and washable sanitary pads?

Wash piccobello diapers in the washing machine at 60°C (hot cycle). You may also wash them by hand but from time to time you should machine wash them at 60° C (hot cycle).
After washing get the diapers back into shape.
You can either dry them in a tumble-dryer or airdry.
Do not use softeners! This will reduce the absorption capacity.

5. Are there additional sanitary diaper pads?

Our sanitary pads are specially made for the piccobello dog diapers and they fit perfectly in the pouch inside the diaper. The material we use is of high quality and is also applicable for human use.

You can choose among four different types of sanitary pads:

  • The superdry-pad is the most absorbent one. It contains a superabsorbent powder which is converted into a gel when it comes in contact with fluids. Being very thin the pad is nevertheless ultra absorbent. It swells with use and its surface remains comfortably dry.
    This pad is for single use.
    The superdry-pad is especially eligible for strong bleeding and sensitive dogs.

  • The comfort-pad with anti-leak-barrier also contains superabsorbent powder which is converted into a gel when it comes in contact with fluids. The anti-leak barrier prevents penetration of liquid. When necessary, the pad can be fixed with its adhesive tape directly on the diaper's pouch.
    The comfort-pad is for single use.
    The comfort-pad is eligible for strong bleeding and sensitive dogs.

  • The washable pad consists of a washable absorbent fleece wrapped into viscose jersey. Like the diaper itself it's machine-washable at 60°C (140F). The pad is re-usable and durable.
    Choose the washable pads if want to avoid recurring costs.

  • The cellulose-fleece inlay is made of many layers of cellulose that absorbs the urine. It's all-purpose, for individual cut and can be used in one layer, two or even more layers.
    Choose the cellulose-fleece inlay if you're looking for a simple and cheap solution.

You can insert the sanitary pad into the pouch inside the piccobello diaper. Please insert the pad at the red edge of the diaper forming a pocket and fix the pad here by using the provided tuck-in. Thus the pad doesn't go out of place when applying and removing the diaper or during its use.
Alternatively, you can place the sanitary pad directly onto the diaper.

6. How to order custom-made diapers?

Just order the standard size and note "special size XS or XXL" or "intermediate size mini-S or mini-L" together with your dog's weight, abdominal circumference and breed into the message field at the 2nd step of ordering.
We manufacture to the messurement without extra-charge within 7 days. You keep your full right of return.
Find more informations about custom-made diapers here : Ordering special sizes

7. How can I accustom my dog to the piccobello dog diapers?

Piccobello dog diapers are soft and supple and are therefore generally accepted by every dog.
To make sure that your dog also accepts them you proceed like this:

  1. Show the diaper to your dog. Praise him when he sniffs at the diaper or when he shows interest.
  2. Apply the diaper calmly and give him a treat. Praise him if he wears the diaper but not if he nibbles or licks it.
  3. If he reacts with nervousness or turns towards the diaper draw his attention to yourself, play one of his favourite games with him or go for a little walk (outdoors) to make him forget his irritation.
  4. Remove the diaper after a short period of time.
  5. Repeat this procedure after some time and extend the time of wearing. By providing your dog distractions you can extend the length of wearing the diaper until the piccobello diaper has become normal to your dog.

8. Can I return the piccobello diapers or exchange them for another product?

Yes, you can exchange or return new diapers within 14 days after the purchase. Place a sanitary pad from the free sample directly onto the diaper when trying it on. Please be aware that we dont take back or refund washed diapers or diapers with traces of use.