From a dog owner's perspective

The fact that my dog suffered from incontinence became apparant when increasingly I discovered urine puddles and wet patches at her sleeping place in the mornings. At that time we were just developing a diaper for male dogs so it was obvious to also develop one for my female dog.

Factors for incontinence

Soon I noticed that her diaper was not wet every morning. There were periods of incontinence and periods without incontinence when my dog didn't need her diapers. Over time the dog diaper helped me to find out which factors influenced her incontinence. For example: During cold and damp weather or when she had been swimming I noticed she became more incontinent. Chewing bones also caused her to drip urine.

These insights helped me to understand how to reduce times of incontinence and in my opinion even slowed down the ageing process.

During the last two years my dog's incontinence didn't change for the worse. Although at the age of fifteen my German shepherd is quite old now there are still times she doesn't need a diaper.

Dog diapers for female
Dog diapers for male

Dog diapers and medication

Had she been treated medically - the results would have lasted for only 4 years. Periods without incontinence when treatment is unnecessary would have passed without being noticed and we would not have found out the negative factors that caused her incontinence.

As she is suffering from Arthrosis she regularly receives medication. In this situation I'm happy to avoid additional drugs for incontinence because every additional medication means a burden for the organism and has side effects.

Incontinence in old age - a social problem

For my dogs incontinence, it has always been less a health problem than a social one: Wet patches, the smell and my cleaning activites just made her feel ill at ease.

In my view, diapers for dogs therefore are the perfect solution. They solve both the dog's problem as well as the owner's in a careful way and only when it is really necessary!

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