The Piccobello Concept - Diapers for Dogs

Piccobello Dog Diapers and other piccobello products have been designed to accomodate your dog's needs. They are:

  • Soft and supple made of viscose jersey for your dog's comfort, not interfering with your dog's agility.
  • Elastic offers a snugg fit for dogs of all breeds, sizes and figures.
  • Breathable material transports absorbed humidity to the outer layer.
  • Flexible for its tying technique which allows the dog diaper to adapt in the event your dog's shape changes. We prefer not to use velcro closures since they are believed to be disturbing for many dogs and they easily catch dog hair.
  • Specific as we have male dog diapers and female dog diapers, adapted to the anatomical differences between male and female dogs.
  • Variable for different degrees of dog incontinence. The basic dog diaper serves for weak to intermediate incontinence. Addional sanitary diaper pads increase the diaper's capacity for strong and very strong incontinence. The diaper may also be used for female dogs in heat.
  • Individual Is your dog larger and heavier?
    Contact us, we will custom design the perfect fit for your dog's diaper at no additional price.

Finally, the design of the piccobello dog diapers is very important because:

Those who are no longer perfect also have the right to beauty!

Find picutres of piccobello dog diapers for many different breeds in our Gallery.